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Why Progressive Companies and Individuals are Benefitting from Coaching?

You may be in some situation of your business or life that makes you think all the time that you could have done better? Are certain aspects truly bothering you? Your first victory is when you are aware and candidly honest about yourself. You can overcome and be empowered in no time with certain well-engineered actions. I will describe the subject more from the angle of Business Coaching.


I am not mentioning the extreme cases like Mr Siddharta, the coffee baron who committed suicide after such a brilliant journey. It makes me really sad. Or for that matter, I am not mentioning the case of Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi, who are living disgraceful life in spite of amassing wealth. The reason for the first case, I am still not clear. The other two cases are of pure corporate governance issues. One that of a bad intention. You are a business founder who needs standing ovation for your courage, will power to sustain & grow, sacrifice. Private initiatives will generate more employment benefitting so many lives. What I am mentioning here are normal hurdles what we face today like :

• Market erosion
• Inconsistent profitability
• Poor employee engagement, conflict etc.

Basically business coaching contributes immensely in two broad fields. One that of sustainability and another is employment. Rest there can be many subsets, which later becomes a foundation for growth. The study says that there are 47 companies have come up from nowhere in just 10 to 15 years. Many age-old companies are on the way to extinction. Technology disruption is just real today. The leadership style needs to adjust to the change in big time. I do not say all these to frighten you. It is more of a reminder to all of us.


• Helps redefine your business from your new perspective.
• Stretches you to to achieve a well-measured bigger goal.
• Helps you understand whats your true potential
• Helps to solve business issues with ease.
• Getting your result what you want

The backdrop of coaching is life. Whether he or she is a founder, CEO or key drivers of businesses or professionals, they are all actors on a widescreen and this big screen is nothing but the backdrop of their lives. You must have performed on stage in some part of your life. And I am sure you can relate to it. Coaches see the big picture of life behind every key driver of the business or the professionals.

Whatever we do for our living, we get wrapped up in our routines and create our own world view. We act sub-optimally on a very small part to our real potential. If the screen is 100 ft x 50 ft in its area, maybe we act in just 10-inch x 5 inches. We forget or completely ignore our core individuality which can actually accommodate much bigger action. We tend to compromise and make thousands of excuses why can’t we act on that 100ft x 50 ft big screen. And this aspect is just not for one day or two days, we do it year after another. And the result we know. The successful people act on this bigger screen totally and not only that they further widen the screen to fill it up with newer action. Mr Mukesh Ambani is an example of success. He enlarged the visions of his father and branched out of his hydrocarbon business to Jio and then retail. Or for that reason look at all young successful companies like Apple, Google, Facebook. Why only giant companies? I recently attended a meet of budding businesses and the investors in Kolkata. These are businesses ranging between 5 crores to 1000 crores (0.5 million $ to 10 Million $, let’s say). I see this vision and action plan in the eyes of these youth.


Do you perceive coaching as a useless investment?
Do you bargain and settle with less?

That’s what I thought personally when I decided to go for coach training. The travel, the expense made me think spirally what I am doing. My view has completely changed and I am taking this forward to the world now in an exciting way. My gratitude to the gentleman who actually inspired me to this path. Every leader needs to learn coaching skill for the survival of the business, growth and their personal life. Trust me. You know more than coaches in real sense. However, this is a different angle which coaches will bring to you. You may attend motivational speakers forum, listen to videos, audio, read books. All that is fine but in the real sense, it is minimally effective.
If you are still sceptical, try some coaches and negotiate what ROI they promise from this investment, they are making. The subject of coaching is so much fascinating that a genuine coach needs to be formally trained. It is just not going about few days workshop or online certification. A coach needs to update all the time and learn lifelong. While I worked in the corporate world for nearly three decades. What I noticed is the fact that the position of leadership is lonely and human behaviour is not conducive enough to address the changing business environment. I worked with founders and bosses who were simply pathetic to work with and then again I was fortunate to have many good founders and the bosses. The founders of the bosses whom I tagged as bad, it may be my personal biasness or my inability to adapt myself to their thoughts. The only reason I differed with them is the fact that inspite of their best intention they lacked in true human empathy and empowerment or never realized what they need to improve upon. The result was that it was impacting the employee engagement, financial results, market connect. A productive organization become a political, disrespectful company in no time with few leaders. I am no way telling that we do not need aggression and assertiveness but these are for what?

Leaders personal growth or companies growth? Coaching serves and coaching will help every progressive company and the individuals with its modern tools. I am very happy about the fact that I belong to a dedicated fraternity of coaches internationally now. I get mentored on every small aspect through a quick message. The kind of task we have in front of us is too big and the number of quality coaches for transformation is just a few. As the subject of coaching is way big, it truly can’t be captured through a small article like this.

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