What’s the energy level in your sales?

Careful crafting of the sales team, constant training and motivation are the most desired arts for an effective CEO/ Founder. Markets are porous in most of the businesses and competition is simply fabulous.
The picture in today’s many companies is that managing the administration or a complex operation keeps the best managers quite busy. Sales department of many mid-sized Companies looks like an alien entity where the services of a few salespeople are just outsourced and management becomes comfortable that they have a sales department. Is it the right approach?

Selling is the most important part of any business. The sales staff is at the interface of the market and the company. In a way, salespeople are unwritten ambassadors for the organization and help to establish a brand. Many companies have great product/service, beautiful operation, steadfast systems. Still, they miss something and that is the right sales function. The selling function acts as a perfect feedback system for the business.

What is the cost a company paying today by not having proper sales function?
· Lack of sales / Piling up inventories
· Scaling down operation
· Bad name in a market
· Lower value compared to the competition
· Losing the momentum of growth
· Unfavorable P & L.

selling is an age old profession and still many of us find selling is so demanding and so tough. What if I tell you that there are proven techniques, tools and training formats available by which you can register your sales many folds? Instead of creating super salesmen, create a team with sales bent of mind and a process to transform the organization to be most market-friendly.

Seven simple steps :
· Educate sales team WHY of the business existence.
· Equip sales team with innovative techniques.Embrace the digital path in true sense. Build confidence and super energy. Energy
· Empower sales team so that their feedback is heard within. (caution: check the ego of the capable salesperson and look for most beneficial feedback free of judgement)
· Fine tune offering constantly to suit the segment.
· Bring customers delight through appropriate quality, package.
· Educate customers about the value they derive.
· Build a long lasting relationship with the customers.

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