Three things how a board can remain relevant?

A sabbatical was in my mind for long. Fortunately, it came into fruition this summer and brought me to a distant place in the middle of Ohio. One evening. I was jogging in a nearby park in Cleveland. I noticed an old man was struggling to use his smartphone and was in complete distress.
He thanked me profusely for providing a little help, as he was trying to communicate with his son. While I resumed my walk to my home, I was thinking about how helpless the old man was looking, for not being able to use his smartphone.

It reminded me constantly that this is exactly the scenario in the board room or in the management team largely. Isn’t it true that champions are getting older than their age? People in leadership role think that they are the people who are managing the show. But actually, they have not noticed the change, the environment has brought in. It is surely, as good as, joining the club of irrelevance, if not alert. And the team below such leadership of the board is surviving by scratching each other back and playing a game in their jobs to be comfortable. These are talented people, once upon a time. And their present behaviour is not due to their fault. The leadership responsibility is immense to cultivate a dynamic and flexible working environment of today.

The changes what we used to discuss as generation gap some time back, it turned to be a gap of a decade. Now I do not know how to define the gap. It’s yearly, bi-annually or quarterly. One thing is for sure, the changes are too fast. Technological changes, the trade environment changes are havoc. Such dynamism calls for an extra effort from a company, to keep their direction in the north. It’s an age of App, age of Yelp!

What we can do to safeguard?

1. Remain vigilant about the change.
2. Keep your ego at control thinking that you are just a caretaker of your wealth and embrace the change.
3. Make your team alive with your goal and treat them as a whole person.

We can add on to it. However, the central aspect is how much careful we are to remain alert and willing to swim with the streams of change. You have mastered to bring your company to the stage where you are today. You have the ability intact.