The excitement didn’t allow the boy to sleep throughout the night. Next day early morning he will take a train to the big city Kolkata for the first time in his life. It was a celebration for the entire family living in a tiny village. Not many of them went to a bigger city to become an engineer that point of time. For the boy, it was primarily a curiosity to experience the world. As the train stopped at Howrah station, it was a time to walk the long suspended bridge over holy river Ganges carrying the civilization for years. The cacophony of various sort of people could not distract the boy to see every detail of the massive bridge, built during British rule. The bridge which connected the boy to cross the river from a village to the city later paved the way to cross multiple oceans to see the world. I am fascinated to witness in the last few years, the change in the world order and felt that there is something gross needed to be done. My pride of success in leading large scale businesses started melting with a rapid shift of scenario.

I was getting more and more convinced that employee engagement and nurturing an environment of creativity is missing. Then I crossed another bridge which took me to a classroom which was no way conventional, neither theoretical. It was exactly what I was looking for change and transformation. It was a challenge to fly down to New York from Kolkata for its distance, time and the money to be spent. But then universe created this opportunity a year and a half before to join CTI Coactive coach training. I found a family in my awesome batch mates and wonderful instructors. My notion of joining the class was to learn how to coach people. I was so much wrong again. More than learning how to coach people, I learnt the way I can look and change my inner self and bring help and result to others. It brought clarity about leading within, leading from back and sideways. Such training is not available in universities. I am so sure every modern leader, a progressive company will need continued development. The class of Fulfillment was an eye-opener for me. It helped me to choose what shall I do next.


S P Goswami

Growth Catalyst

It helped me to find out that “ results appear easier and in a most efficient way when we decide to act from our being part”.In the pursuit of the greener balance sheet, the most capable leaders are doing blunders by neglecting their core, their own being. I discovered what does listening truly means. Why designing alliance is crucial? I realized that believing people to be naturally creative and resourceful is so much powerful. How important is self-management for a leader? How powerful questions without being judgmental can be so much transformative? How perspective shift can help people to have a proper balance? In a word, I believe that coaching, mentoring and counselling can be a true gift to the people and the companies. These days I do not present physical gifts to my daughters and wife any more. I rather make a conversation to make them understand themselves and choose an option which is best suited to them. I learn from them. Every time I travel to the majestic Himalayas, it brings humility, courage and sense of gratitude.

In many parts, I look into Coaching as more of a spiritual journey. Being aware of one’s own true being and producing corporate results can be a great value not only for the businesses but for humanity. It’s a joy to see a leader that can create energy, happiness and material abundance in the businesses and for himself. I operate out of New Town, Kolkata and North Americas. The airport connects every big city by air or by train. It does connect Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, China efficiently. The availability of talents and economy of operation is making the place attractive for many global and national companies to set up their back end office here. My working experience in South East Asia and India has brought a worldwide network which is truly above transactional relationship. I believe it is a wonderful setting to bring business services to thousands of emerging business leaders and the existing one.