S P Goswami
Growth Catalyst

Goswami has worked nearly three decades in corporate including fortune 500 companies globally as a business leader. He scaled up a business from $ 50 million to $ 375 a year revenue in 9 years. Turned around a significant part of $1 billion sick business in 2 years. Developed bringing a joint venture to a profitable eco-friendly product. Turned around a senior health care business in 6 months. Helping young startups to flourish. Founding member of an engineering college. Investor and mentor in startups with BPO, data analytics, digital business.

He is a professionally trained Co-Active coach and Billy Kueek certified NLP coach. He shares his own struggles and learnings of his success in start-up, turning around and scaling up businesses along with his coaching skills. With his quick learning ability and adaptability to a new culture, Goswami transforms a complex situation into a spectacular result in a friendly way. He respects and loves business owners and feels that they deserve a better emotionally healthy life, as he thinks more sustainable businesses touch more human lives through job creation.

 Phone: +91 98317 34546
 Email: grow@spgoswami.com
 Address: Unit No. 515 (Northern), Astra Towers, Area IIC, Newtown, West Bengal, 700135

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