Turn Around

Are you going through a phase of your life where you are always busy, busy, busy managing the show or any of the situations in your business is as below?

  • Market Erosion
  • Inconsistent Profit Margin
  • Hard to Pay Off the Lenders
  • Attrition of Good People
  • Innovative Competition is Truly Hitting
  • Unhappy Work Environment
  • Internal Politics
  • Conflicts
  • Not Creating enough Value for the Share Holders
  • Not Enough Peaceful Vacation
  • Feeling Lonely in the Battle?


Conceiving a business idea to successful implementation is a great act of mankind. It is self-fulfilling, liberating and immensely beneficial to the society at the same time. One business touches so many lives –families of employees, vendors, contractors, customers. Business owners deserve great respect and they deserve to have a better emotional life. However very often, the business owners lead a life of anxiety and loneliness. They never take a truly peaceful vacation, do not spend quality time on themselves or with the people most important to them. I have failed to convince myself why people do business with that condition? What honour of badge they are truly wearing being in such a situation? The companies continue to remain average with a fear of sustainability. Most importantly there is a denial to accept that the company is just making mediocre results and even if there is an awareness, we are not sure what exactly is needed to be done. The business takes a quantum leap when founder/owner alone is ready for change and take action. The new energy, fresh drive, creative initiatives take the company and the owner to another horizon and gifts bountiful happiness. Business gets the right model, focus shifts to profit margin growth over mindless expansion, new avenues to maximize profit pops up.

The research and various business cases prove that the majority of the businesses start struggling after a few years of success and thereafter it declines or bursts. I am keeping aside the aspect of the fast change of technology. The business complexities start overwhelming the founder / the key drivers to that extent that, just managing the show staus quo becomes a choice.

What if, I tell you that a new approach is available through which you can lead with ease and make an important headway whatever you are doing. It’s much simpler work than what you are thinking. What I need is your commitment of little time from you and small efforts. Every modern business leader is doing. Why not you? I have the entire gamut of tools and knowledgebase from associates. I simplify the transformation work into a four to five simple stage process to bring the results. I call these as Pillars, as it becomes the foundation of your business later. I relook into your business model from the perspective of % age profit margin growth, 360-degree leadership assessment, training and coaching. Sales training. Quality and productivity focus. One is to one counselling to bring more engagement, time management, public speaking, communication, listening. Continued professional development program. We all learn on the way and it is such a rewarding experience!

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