India – Why small companies will do better?

After an exchange of name cards and few pleasantries the Project coordinator asked ” So what your company does exactly?
” Sir, we assist people finding an investor and we do the insurance too” Ambuj replied quickly. The Coordinator looked at his crushed shirt and unshaven face and asked the next question. He rushed to the meeting from train station riding the overnight train from another city.” How many people work at your company ?”I noticed Ambuj was almost melting, cleared his throat and told in a low voice ” Sir, we are just five. My wife is also one of the team members”.The meeting took a different note and came to a conclusion with nothing.

While interacting few such businesses I found a common thread. People are shy or uncomfortable to speak out that they are small. Are you a solopreneur, small team enterprise with 15, 20 0r 30 people? Do you work for a small company? In case you have some negative feeling about it, chuck it off, please. You are perfectly alright and will do far better. I say so from the Indian business environment perspective more.

Typically a large chunk of business goes to only a few big houses. What is the employment generated by privately run organised sector? A quite small number right? People working in the economic analysis may support me. The number what I have is 7%. Our educational training, grooming of parents, our mindsets tell us that as soon as you graduate work for big companies. Higher salaries, stable job, social status.Fair enough and understandable. Then the question is how many new entrants to the workforce will really get a job in the organised sector?

The advantages of remaining small:

  • Truly focused on customers real problem and resolving them.
  • Flexibility in fine-tuning your operation to meet changing need.
  • A small team produces great results as everyone is part of the pain and pleasure of running a business.
  • The company makes progress the earning grow much more due to the low cost.
  • Being an employee, your salary jumps to a sizable amount.
  • Freedom on your personal time and space as a team is more on fair understanding over a regime of card punching.
  • If needs arise the company can diversify faster.

Defend your castle through:

Selection of talents. Focus on values and character over qualifications. Managing finance in a house with less dependence on borrowings. Avoid inviting further investor, they may take control of your business. As your business grows, there is a temptation to increase team. Think critically.

Do not listen to the failures of others, keep your patience and focus.

The young Indians will take a central stage through small businesses.

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