S P Goswami

How To Tackle Constant Anxieties, Fear – Your Show Stoppers?

Woke up 3 am in one-morning sweating, completely restless. It was Malaysia. Three days back, the most profitable petrochemical downstream unit which I was heading, met an accident and caught fire. Luckily there was no fatality. Then the question was reviving back the unit. The competent technical team, coming out of the shock, presented that it will take a minimum of two years. Weeks passed by. The same team came back and reported it is possible within 9 months. Actually we brought back this devastating factory to life within 7 months and placed the product in the market within 8th months. What we noticed is the fact that the team delivered the unit in record time because we nurtured the environment in such a way that people works without any anxiety, stress and fear. The results were amazing. The focus was tremendous, the spirit was high.

When we act from a growth mindset, which is free from anxiety and fear , we achieve more individually and collectively. It is easier said than done in the majority of cases. In an age where we all are chasing deadlines to finish a task and situation demand multitasking, the fear and anxiety become multifold and constant. It becomes an addiction. The day we do not have that anxiety and fear, we miss something. The simple reason is that we have nurtured year after year the same pattern. Such undesirable emotion becomes a driving force in a way and becomes a part of our individuality. Our ego gets tucked with it. We fall in love with this evil friend. Does it mean that we can’t break such a pattern of overthinking, anxiety, fear?

Good news is that there are multiple ways and it is pretty much do-able.

WHO says 1 out 13 people are in an extreme case of anxiety disorder OCD, PTSD etc. And there are many who are not extreme cases or nor normal either. As a human being, it is completely ok to be a little anxious or being afraid before an exam, important meeting, job interview. We have an inbuilt mechanism which has enough resilience to bounce back within moments. There are innumerable studies and research on the subject. I am just mentioning the way it has truly helped me and still helping. Here are useful 8 tips for you.