How a simple step can help you begin a journey of real success?

Are you an entrepreneur with a dream or beginning your career to create an impact? Or you may be in that moment of life where you are looking for a shift to be more successful, more joyful?

This article will be relevant in that case and you may choose to read it through. Or else you may like to stop reading, as it may not bring the best result.

What does reflection really mean to you?

When did you introspect last and acted upon? When you reflect on yourself, what sort of environment you prefer? Solitude or chaos, static or dynamic, mountain or a bazar? I never imagined that I will reflect upon myself in a setting of a loud party where you do not really converse, you just shout happily to be heard.
It was my friend’s daughters wedding reception party in a Kolkata sports club. The pretty bride, a budding medical resident in the US in her twenties asked me at once when I was introduced. She asked a simple question with innocent curiosity to me “what do you do? “I took a pause for a moment as I was not expecting that question in that situation. I thought it will be meaningless or maybe it will not be interesting enough for her if I say that I am that authority in that company. That was not what she wanted to hear. She comes from a different background being raised in a different culture, embarking in a different profession altogether. I could not believe later what my unconscious mind spoke at that moment. A little voice in me told her that : “I specialize helping business owners to do well financially and grow, by getting the best from the people.”

Her immediate reply in that busy moment of her life was ” WawaWawo ! ” and she was so fascinated to talk more on the subject. She commented, “it seems you enjoy it so much”.
I smiled and said “Yes I do.”

Why this conversation was important?

My awesome friends in whatever part of life, whatever stage you are at the moment I do not know. My powerful request to you will be – please find out time or look for that scope where you truly reflect on yourself. You will be amazed by its power. I didn’t know for thirty-odd years. Since I began my journey on this note, I conversed with so many people in position, power and wealth. They do not know it. I feel we are simply bull shitting with our true selves. Isn’t it a pity that we are ignorant about the most vital part of our real being?

What did you notice here?

I reflected on such a vital part of me in that pleasant chaos without an effort. Genuine curiosity in another person is so beautiful. And such people are borderless with no age or gender barrier. You never know how you are helping with your genuine curiosity in other people. It doesn’t cost tons of money or lots of time. Simple questions are powerful. It helps people to reflect and think about themselves so deeply from their own being.

Claim Your Summit Coupon! It’s Free. It’s Your Birthright!

Our so-called superficial glory or our painful past keep on captivating us throughout our life. Many a time we undermine the achievements we have in our life. We are unable to see our progress. We feel the success and position of abundance are just for the people on the other planet or with that person or with that company. We have ingrained tendencies to look always externally and focus on what we do not have. We delay our decision to act on the most vital thing of our life or business. Whatever you have achieved in your life – it’s fantastic. It’s the time for you to climb the next peak of success, influence and joy. You need to claim that important summit of your life. You have denied so far, you have delayed. The summit where you really become aware of what exactly you are doing for fulfilment. Claim that coupon from the universe! It’s your birthright!

Finding your true raw humanness is just necessary. When we begin our career or business we are just too much focused on the money-earning a part or little comfort part of life. Life revolves on work, party, that big car, that bigger house, that vacation. Then we become workaholics. We keep on continuing that routine, how boring it may be. We discover after decades that we are not progressing enough or not happy enough. Most successful people, most influential people, most wealthy people live on their findings what exactly they are good at or doing. They are aware of what truly does fulfil them. They choose a path and they align their work to that particular little voice. They face enormous resistance, lots of confusion, at some point of time their determination gets a crack which puts them in homeostasis but they decide to move on. They take a leap of faith.

Surprises and Roadblocks

My humble journey from a corporate career to business and leadership coach has just begun with a good amount of success. I must thank that little conversation at the wedding reception. It was a game-changer. That very moment I told myself. Ya, it’s so true! I am not the CEO, Business head of the billion-dollar company. I am not that leader what people usually look at me. I am not that sales and marketing guy who just sells that product successfully around the world. I am not that extra capable person who turns around a complex company in a difficult spot. Those were just the outcomes. If people have paid me enough or employers have recognized or my network loved me, it is for those results. But I never reflected what exactly I was doing. I helped business owners to achieve their result and made their life easier by getting the best in people within the company or the outside. And I truly enjoy doing that.

Once I took such a journey I had to reinvent a new set of people, as the people in my network were telling me to continue the way I was. Had to learn new skills to adapt to the newfound passion. Had to be in the classroom with much younger people. It was fun though. I had to forget the comfort of a cocooned cosy life. I must admit it was and is tough now for me as well as my family. I was happy that I did hit my raw humanness and I could set it free of ego. It was a huge victory unnoticed, unsung by the external world but very much felt internally. I call it a shift.

We are living in a world which is changing faster than we can imagine. These are just not catchy phrases the politicians use. It is real, it is happening 100%.

Simplifying what you do can be the basis of your future, especially in a world where everything is changing too fast. In the 70s to 90s the world changed from farming to industry. The typical rule was that the employer will set up a factory and people will work many numbers of years. I saw my dad worked in the same coal mine throughout his entire life. My elder brother changed his job twice and I worked in another industry globally in 6 companies.
The world made a rapid shift from manufacturing to information. Now information is not enough unless we translate those to proper action beneficial to the human being. The millennials are changing their jobs or another way round, companies getting rid of them too fast. Digital economy, artificial intelligence, IOT is changing the business scenario too fast. The industry needs to produce better quality at a lower and lower cost. The endeavour of the industry is hitting the ceiling to meet this need. Now the product is not tangible anymore, it is an idea. People can start their entrepreneurial journey from their bedrooms with the help of gadgets in any geographical location. The world is rewarding ideas over actions and hard work. Small, slick, fast is the latest buzz words. The industry needs people with new awareness, empathy, a thought leader. The new world will recognize them who can bring that person along with their academic qualification and the skill set. They need that specialization in people.

Entrepreneurs will succeed if only and only they are working on their true passion to help human problems in a genuine way. Things are truly not short term, it has to be long term and big game. Translating this idea to action requires tremendous resilience and firm conviction what you are doing. It won’t appear in today’s world of distraction without introspection or some time of self-discipline. Schools, universities are missing to handover this important blueprint to their students. Do not complain about unemployment. Adjusting yourself to this changing environment is work. You will flourish as soon as you work in this direction with utmost sincerity.

What are you being aware? What’s that courageous action you will take for your life or your business?

I will be happy to see you smiling.
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