Youth of India and Joining Workforce - Making a New Startup?

सोच बदलो तो किस्मत बदलेगी
It means that if you change your thoughts, your fortune will change. This is a quote from my earlier employer Mr Mukesh Ambani which brings huge inspiration to me personally. My message is to the young aspiring people who want to excel in life in general and to the young enterprising people of India in particular, who are entering the workforce lately. The survey says that a large chunk of fresh graduates is not employable. I don’t believe it. Maybe you are lacking little soft skills or may the curriculum what you have learnt needs little updating. I have 1000% confidence in your abilities, resilience, creativity. This I say, experiencing a major part of the world. You are simply vibrant. I am happily partnering growth through dedicated days of work for you. Develop the right mindset, victory is all yours.

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