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Are you stuck or getting exhausted to scale up or turn around your business using conventional marketing and other age-old methodologies? Are you looking for multiple x growths of your business and not being able to take that leap?

So am I ! I used to be tired doing that too. What if I told you that myself and my associates who are like-minded are on a mission to create this growth with ease. What if I told you that innovative way of digital marketing is uniquely productive. The new way of dealing with people creates tons of energy in the team. From a new perspective, you improve efficiency many times than one can imagine. Moving from B2B to B2C, OR FROM O to O ( Online to offline) is creating a great deal of value addition. These all can lead to great results if only one is aware enough and seeking this help to capitalize it. As Business Head, CEO I have in the same situation as you before.

Due to the typical human nature, many people in a leadership position are holding onto the principles or style which were suitable decades back. They are trying too many things aimlessly. And still hopes that it will work now and will produce results.

Many a time when I am interacting with people with whom I work now, I utterly surprise what cost they are truly paying being in that situation? What if I told you to stop doing ALL OF THAT. The key to success is not about exercising everything.

The mission what I am in is all about that humble effort to make the businesses more sustainable and the leaders lead a life of bearable stress. They can afford to take a vacation as their company starts growing on an autopilot mode.

How Can I Serve You?

✔ You will not feel lonely with your battle.
✔ You will have a neutral, competent and reliable sounding board to understand what is going on, in your business.
✔ Increase in sales revenue through redefining market segments and product mix.
✔ Predictable consistent profit.
✔ You will identify and act on newly discovered thrust areas.
✔ As a coach, I champion you to go for your enlarged vision with confidence.
✔ As and when you wish, you get a scope of revisiting and sharpening leadership skills.
✔ You will manage time more effectively.
✔ You will inspire and engage people more productively from your higher emotional state.
✔ Lower attrition of good people.
✔ Less internal politics.
✔ You will lead a much better life with fulfilment and purpose, more vacations.


✔ With better communication, you will create many leaders within your team who work for your vision, plan.
✔ You will achieve your results of scaling up, turning around, a start-up in a predicted manner.
✔ You will focus on new diversification.
✔ You will make shareholders happy and keep them motivated.
✔ You will make leadership succession by choice and fearlessly.


Hello, I'm Shyama Prasad Goswami — Growth Analyst and a Business Coach

Goswami is passionately collaborating with venture backed initiatives globally as a coach / mentor and at times takes active execution roles for real result.

He understands the leader’s pain well as he moved to position of CEO / President from floor supervisor. He led the businesses for scaling up, turning around, joint venture, restructuring in his 28 years of career. He understands various cultures as he travelled extensively being based in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Canada.

Goswami is a qualified engineer, Masters in Management, SEP from Kellogg School of Management, graduated as a coach from CTI -NY, BKI Singapore, learnt digital marketing from NIHT. He has a good family life with a loving wife and two daughters.

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Goswami loves to assist busy leaders to perform better & live a better life.