What Does The Word “BRAND” Mean To Your Business?

As I grabbed a sandwich in a morning Indigo flight to Bangalore from Kolkata, a small write up came to my notice on its cover, MS TIKKA. See the picture below. I loved the narratives. I loved the packaging, melting taste of the cheeses and crunchy vegetables. The care of the crew. It’s all about branding. By this time You may have read it. If not, read it. You will enjoy.

Dear Business Owners, Professionals.

The time, energy and your stress to organise the resources is your lifetime investments. You deserve to position your products for the premium. That extra penny comes from branding. Depending on what business you are in. B2B, B2C or you may be in the total commodity. Branding brings that extra premium. In some case less and in some cases more. But branding certainly helps to get that extra penny over your conventional marketing where you wait for the market to decide your real value. You act or get acted upon.
In the last one year, I am working with several businesses and individuals to achieve that goal. In an extraordinary profit squeezed market, that’s an important weapon for sustainability. In 1999 there was a total slow down of the market for the business I was leading. And we were about to close down a significant portion of the business. That’s when a fresh initiative to make an informal branding pulled the business out. People have many misconceptions about branding. The reason is simple, it’s largely intangible and out of our sight. Malcolm Gladwell rightly said that the word branding is like the word Africa. You think you are in Mozambique, whereas you are actually in Kenya Safari. We think the brand is just a name, a logo, it’s social media, it’s advertisements. Actually it is much more than that. It’s a no brainer when we talk for hours in the board room and marketing meeting about the bottom line. What about the customer’s frame of reference, their desires, likings, emotions, longing for a safe and trusted environment.Once we move our actions to find a level playing ground where your business deliverables and the customer expectation matches, that’s the aha moment.

Creating a personified branding strategy and execution plan, Educating the entire team to that goal is truly a path forward for your champions. What personality you are to your product or the services?