Take your business/life to your aspiration New Layer New Layer New Layer New Layer MANEUVER, MONETISE & SUCCEED IN UNCERTAINTY-

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Welcome ! Thriving Business Owners/Senior Leaders/Ceos !

Hello world , The business owners , the senior leader, CXOS-

Allow me to ask a sincere question:

Is slower growth defeating the purpose of your entrepreneurship or career ? Are you bleeding internally ?

I don’t coach , mentor. I am a growth catalyst.

You are in a place that is safe,reliable.I am sure you are master in your field and have all the necessary skills and resources.Many thanks for visiting my page.I will tell you why I do what I do now.

Being the student of corporate world globally for 30 years,I have met 100s of businesses and leaders.Some businesses flourished and some businesses did not in front of my eyes.Some businesses came with flying colours and some kept on swimming in the back water life long.

I take it as a personal humiliation when a person with possibilities do under achieve.A study shows 8 out of 10 businesses are failing.This has further taken a new dimension with the changing business world.The employees are in a new job hunting world.A large chunk of workforce are reported unhappy.This is not a ghost story.The informations are available all over.

Are you feeling lonely at time with this battle ?

Would you like to grow in your business or career in assured way ?

My vision is creating a prospering world. I am on a mission to enable 100s of business owners / Senior Leaders / CXOS.

My name is Shyama Prasad. I am creator of unique proprietary system that enhances business and personal growth in magnificent way. Prior to this I worked globally over 6 large companies. With increasing ranks and responsibilities I got to bring spectacular revenue growth , profit growth , turn around , start up , restructuring, joint venture , leadership development.

My first client emerged with 30% Ebidta from a loss making company within a year.

Many individual CXO clients are making a super progress in their career in assured way.

The biggest results for business are as below :

  1. Minimum 20% Y.O.Y profit ( if your business , I see do not have potential to make profit, I will share my views too. There are many things to do)
  2. Triple focus ( In leaders personal life , with people and with environment)
  3. Communication,listening and speaking skills.
  4. Mastery of sales in 5 days.
  5. New leadership skills.
  6. Growth strategy.

The best results CXOs are achieving :

  1. Clarity on their career path.
  2. Job outreach with potential employer
  3. Income growth
  4. Becoming blissful leaders
  5. Skill development

To reserve exploration session send a message directly with confidence mentioning three top changes you need ? I will revert back soon.

In case you don’t feel you do not need this service it is fine too. We can network and exchange views still.

" Reset Business and life to remain relevant" - post pandemic just sharing my thoughts to the world to make a transition with confidence and bliss.

Core is YOU

We make a prosperous world when we act from our core.

In a typical organisation the leaders get to work with people of many ranks below, above or parallel in responsibilities.There is no dearth of people. Still the founders and leaders feel lonely or bleed internally.Organisations suffer ” decision paralysis ” impacting growth.

A mediocre business gets turned into legacy in joyful way , when key drivers get ample relaxed time instead of sleepless nights to network soulfully to cease new opportunities or innovative ideas. Its only possible when a business develops a super sales engine , creates a talent magnet , makes year on year minimum 20% profit, adopts innovation , emphasises on self development at every level.

Post Pandemic a disorder is the order.The core in us helps us to find why we should welcome disorder and still make profit.

Popular Programs

For Business Owner and Executive

We provide our proprietary tool UPSWING business system to the owners/founders and executives that accelerates profit and growth in joyful way.We encourage to schedule a 20 minutes BUSINESS EXPANSION call to understand each other in deeper level.

For Individual with a hunger to grow

I provide 12 weeks long personal UPSWING Career tools to aspiring individuals that supports career transition, becoming a better leader.This is a one to one coaching through a scheduled call or personal meeting.

Apply For Business
Acceleration Program

Turn a mediocre business to legacy in blissful way

Apply For Career
Enhancement Program

I work with the youth for better employment.

Free 30 Minutes
Call Session


Equal opportunity , doesn’t mean equal outcome.

Goswami is passionately collaborating with venture-backed initiatives globally as an expert/mentor and at times takes active execution roles for real result.

He understands the leader’s pain well as he moved to the position of CEO / President from floor supervisor. He led the businesses for scaling up, turning around, joint venture, restructuring in his 28 years of career. He understands various cultures as he traveled extensively being based in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Canada.

Goswami is a qualified engineer, Masters in Management, SEP from Kellogg School of Management, graduated as Co-Active coach from CTI -NY, Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach from Billy Kueek International- Singapore, learned digital marketing from NIHT. He has a good family life with a loving wife and two daughters.