Welcome ! Thriving Business Owners/Senior Leaders/Ceos !

  • Have you just acquired an exciting business and looking for that trusting hand for quick turn around ?
  • You have launched a new company/ new product or new services and not sure how to make that vertical profitable ?
  • You have a perfect product/service and not succeeding to make adequate sales ?
  • You are making good progress in business and as a leader feeling lonely or stressed out or not having enough personal time to enjoy your individual life ?
  • As a leader you feel that your team would have been  prepared more  and extra support to your mission ?
  • You have recognized a gap in your business functions, yet you are unable to take an adequate step ?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you are visiting the right place. I have this inner thought that meeting the right people at the right time is just not a coincidence, it is something much more than that. I might sound silly, then that’s what happened to me in my personal humble life while leading complex businesses across the world.

Goswami, a Ex-CEO brings his 28+ years of successful global experience to thriving business owners/CEOS. He passionately partners business leaders to create spectacular results.

Core is YOU

Many brilliant minds are active discussing how to manage Post COVID 19.One thing is coming out clear is that the  Businesses will need to make that quantum leap to thrive in a different environment. As an individual, I do typically partner with progressive and open-minded Business Founders / CEOs. Our first foundation is chemistry and trust between us. Through such action-oriented relationship of two equals, we create the result of transformation / turn around in 3 to 6 months’ time. Our services bring a maximum benefit to the organizations who are making $ 50 Million + or ₹300 crores + in revenue and engaged in manufacturing, service sector or IT industry.

Being in same industry, one company excels, another does in average way, other fades away. We work on fundamental aspects of a business. One such area is understanding the gap and help you bridge those gaps effortlessly. In our work, I just do not ask questions or make thousands of spreadsheets. What we do – we engage in a deeper way to make a proper action plan for your result. For example, you may have a perfect product or services and you’re still unable to reach your target clients, your sales revenue is falling. We will sit down with your team to understand and find out what truly is missing. What is needed to be done? Similar things can be with your operational efficiency or simply people in a function needs a different competence, or people are too much engrossed with the internal system and losing sight of customers and employees. I am utmost fair and courageous to figure out and speak the truth confidentially. I help in proper team formation, training and coaching.

Many businesses are doing a blunder in the sense that they are still applying yesterday’s technology and leadership style to manage today’s business. Digital tools have flooded the markets, the leaders are getting upgraded with today’s cutthroat know how to manage people. What if I told you that these changes are simplistic and easy to adapt provided the leaders are open-minded. I do keep updating myself regularly, and believe in nurturing a learning environment.

Business is not all about only chasing money. It is much more than that. We help leaders to rediscover their better version and act from that platform. By this process actually we make much more than what we can imagine. I do not go to any business with my personal agenda. Your agenda becomes my agenda and finally, the result you want.

Just to cite few examples I have led businesses where revenue went 7 time up since we began. A bankrupt company was brought to life with 100% profit growth. A green startup was launched to success with good sales and name in the market. A team formation with multi cultural team was another good work.This is just few examples.Then again no two situations and circumstances are similar. More flexible , creative mindset we will hold , better we will perform. Would like to hear more from you.

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Through my fast track simple step process, I help you to create a solid foundation for scaling up, turn around and start-up within 3 to 6 months depending on complexity. I engage with you one is to one or the group online or personal meeting. I respect you and your time to accommodate my schedule. Therefore once scheduling is done I expect you to adhere to that likewise.


I help aspiring individuals to get their result of career transition, becoming a better leader through a tailor-made program of 12 weeks.This is a one to one coaching through a scheduled call or personal meeting whatever is possible, which will help you to thrive daily basis. You will live a life by design.

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Goswami loves to assist busy leaders to perform better & live a better life.

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I work with the youth for better employment.

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Hello, I’m Shyama Prasad Goswami — I love trekking in the Himalayas and I am more like your climbing partner to your summit. The new chapter in my life is to lead with higher purpose and consciousness. I love creating energy, happiness, abundance in people.

Goswami is passionately collaborating with venture-backed initiatives globally as an expert/mentor and at times takes active execution roles for real result.

He understands the leader’s pain well as he moved to the position of CEO / President from floor supervisor. He led the businesses for scaling up, turning around, joint venture, restructuring in his 28 years of career. He understands various cultures as he traveled extensively being based in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Canada.

Goswami is a qualified engineer, Masters in Management, SEP from Kellogg School of Management, graduated as Co-Active coach from CTI -NY, Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach from Billy Kueek International- Singapore, learned digital marketing from NIHT. He has a good family life with a loving wife and two daughters.



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